Windows 10 Rhino memory usage

Is anyone else seeing Rhino use a lot of RAM on Windows 10, particularly a spike after exiting Rhino? My work machine on Windows 8 has 16 GB and it hardly ever comes close to getting filled up in my usual tasks of a dozen Rhinos and whatever else open, while my new machine at home with 16 GB just ran out memory and went poof with 2 Rhinos.

Particularly after shutting Rhino down, memory usage shoots up to almost 100% momentarily and it just generally seems to use more, and I don’t have any oddball plugins installed I don’t also have at work. I wondered (well more like was grasping at straws)if it was the Samsung “Rapid mode” DRAM caching option on my ssd, but disabling it did not help and of course that wouldn’t explain why RHINO was reporting massive RAM usage.


Interesting no one seems to have the same issue. It’s pretty consistent, every time I shut down Rhino the memory allocation spikes to basically 100% for a few seconds, then gradually goes back down.

Hi Jim,

If you disable 3rd party plug-ins, do you have the same issue?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Looks like it’s the Octane demo.