WindowPick bug?

Other guy’s PC (Failing WindowPick behaviour):

My PC (Proper WindowPick behaviour):

Green = my selection color.
Purple = my MSpaint notations of the script WindowPick 3-D corner points

Same Rhino versions, same settings, same script.

RefPt = Rhino.CurveAreaCentroid(TitleBorder)(0)
Srch = Rhino.WindowPick(Array(RefPt(0) - 131, RefPt(1) + 101, 0), Array(RefPt(0) + 131, RefPt(1) - 101, 0))
Rhino.SelectObjects Srch

TitleBorder rectangle is 260x200

It seems that WindowPick behavior is rather erratic. It looks like zooming in on the drawing fixes this problem. I haven’t tested it well enough though.

If I’m not mistaken, WindowPick is based in screenspace - screen pixels. If you are zoomed out you might need more of a margin to make sure the pixels you want are really completely inside the window pick… Zoomed out, does it work with the optional blnWindow argument set to False (making it a crossing window selection)? Then anything on the window line should also get selected.


Yep, it works as well as zooming in on an individual part. It kinda sucks that help file isn’t too descriptive on the nature of Rhino script methods. I guess we’ll be figuring it out on our own.

Thanks, Mitch!