Will we ever be able to import our options form V5?

it would be nice, but maybe not today?

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I can’t imagine I would have to start over with this :frowning:

Any thoughts on this?



I believe this is on @JohnM 's list of issues to fix for 6.0

It’s been about a year already since the first mention.
I can’t imagine this being something really complicated?..

I just want my color scheme back… :sweat:

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FYI, this is still my main roadblock to use V6 more…

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Really? Can you tell me more about why this is your main roadblock?

^ Because we have so many custom settings, starting with UI colors and ending with custom display modes that plugging it all in manually is too dam long. And still in the end something will be left overlooked.

If anything, let us import Display Modes and Appearance.

@dale is this on your radar for Rhino 6? I don’t see a YouTrack issue for it.

@brian, This is on my radar - here is the tracking item:


too many options that makes my Rhino work the way I’m used to. and too little time to do them form scratch.

rhinoV5_options_gus_161019.zip (17.7 KB)

also I want to brig all these…

maybe I should stop bitching a recreate all the options from scratch, import each vieew mode one-by-one, ugh?

@gustojunk, are these .ini files just display modes? If so, then you can import them using just Rhino (Tools > Options > Views > Display Modes > Import). RhinoScript has a method to import display modes, so you could write a script to import them all a once (too).

– D

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those are separate that all the applications options I had. the biggest hurdle was aliases. But I just realized I can export from the Aliases page a text file and import in V6! :smile:

Dang, I didn’t realize there was Export option for Display Modes… That makes it easy…ier.

RH-36328 is fixed in the latest WIP

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When I try to import an .ini file to V6 that’s the message I get.
Quiet a nonsense.

If someone can help.

version :
Work In Progress
(6.0.17129.11351, 09/05/2017)

Hi Borix - please post the ini file here or to tech@mcneel.com, someone will take a look.



there is my rhino options file MyRhinoOptions.ini (108.5 KB)

I had the same problem. Looks like the dialog has a bug with the file path.
As a workaround you can use the scripted version of the command
-_OptionsImport and feed in the full path to your ini file.

Edit: If there are spaces in your path then surround it by quotes:
_-OptionsImport “C:\My Options\test.ini”

thank you Jess


thanks, all