Import all custom options from V5...?

So I’ve got V6 wip downloaded, and I need to bring in all my custom stuff from V5…but how? I recall seeing topics like this way back, but its been so long since I’ve done it I cant remember anything about it.

  • help is hopeless on this topic
  • so I need my aliases, my dimension styles, my colour choices in appearance, my units and so on
  • I can find individual commands to export/import my aliases, my default template and my custom dimension styles, but I cant find any way to bring in my custom appearance options…?

Surely there must be a single command that exports all custom settings, and allows import of same?
I cant find it, but if it doesn’t exist, surely this is a bit of a major oversight - both for changing versions like now, but also for external backup…?


Ok, I found it in the v6 help file…

But, having exported the file ex V5, when I come to bring it into V6, I get the error:

“Cannot import a Rhino 5 options file”

Which kind of defeats the purpose somewhat…?


I agree… Lobbying.


Could you point me to this help? Lost all my custom settings recently and I’ve been wanting a way to save the whole caboodle for ages (custom buttons with my own graphics especially), to re-inject into new installs/updates.Useful when traveling and using someone else’s seat as well…

Although there is no help file in V6 yet, if you are online and press F1, it brings up the online V6 help, which is far better laid out and organised than V5.

Anyway, the command you want is “OptionsExport” and its twin “OptionsImport”


I also agree :smile:
What are the counter arguments?

Any progress on this?


Yes, please.

@dale , can you explain…? thanks.


has there been any movement on this…? seems pretty important to me…



Also very interested in getting my custom stuff back in V6.
I’m digging in the new ini to see what changed and most of the strings are changed, although the parameters are the same. Just the format is changed, underscores have been eliminated.

Found this too:
Should that be Resize ?

A topic from “almost 6 years ago”…
Surely this must have been addressed, but perhaps not…??

V7: - tools / export options. Creates ini file.
V8: - tools / import options. = “specified file is not a valid options file”

Please advise…