Importing setting from rhino 5 to rhino 6

Is there a way to transfer all the settings I’ve made to the various display modes(>options>views>display modes) in Rhino 5 to Rhino 6?


Use Tools \Rightarrow Export\;Options...

Then in v6 use the Tools \Rightarrow Import\;Options... entry. Make sure you import only the parts you are interested in (for instance autosave setting will otherwise change to v5 location).

You can also export individual display modes via Options>View>display modes…

However, I might be cautious about that, V6 display modes have changed a lot, and I seem to recall some people at least having some problems with modes imported from V5… maybe that has all been fixed though.


Thanks Mitch. What file do I import exactly. the default is a .ini file.

Yep, the individual display mode files as well as the general options files exported from V5 are all .ini files.

The section you want to import is Advanced\;Display. This imports all the display modes that are in the exported v5 .ini

Ah right, that was a good call. You best export and import modes one-by-one and verify everything still works as you expect. Let us know if it doesn’t.