Will subD replace Tsplines in V6?

Wondering what your thoughts are before I go and purchase Tsplines?

That’s a double no…

First, you can no longer purchase T-Splines for Rhino and in any case it won’t work in V6.

Second, subD will not be in V6 (officially).


Thanks for your response @Helvetosaur I thought I saw it for sale online. I was able to download the trial version, but in any case the plan was to install it in V5 and then bring V5 files into V6 to get around that.
My intent is to work in Zbrush and then be able to bring it into Rhino or to work in Rhino get it into ZBrush and then back into Rhino.

Dunno, I was under the impression that Autodesk pulled the T-Splines for Rhino plug-in quite a while ago… Maybe check where you saw it for sale and make sure the link is still valid and that it’s not some cracked version…


You were right. Although you can still download the Tsplines 30 day trial you cannot purchase it.
So Now the quest for working in Zbrush and Rhino with a different organic modeler.