Will Rhino run on AMD Radeon Pro 5000 graphics card (for the beefier iMac)?

I am looking to purchase a new computer and know that Rhino 7 sort of runs on the base iMac with the M1 graphics card. I am wondering if anyone knows if Rhino 7 runs on the higher-end iMac, which has an AMD Radeon Pro 5000 card.

thanks so much!

There are three tiers for the Intel based iMac but all should work with Rhino 7 and Big Sur. I have not used the iMacs directly but have used the MBP’s both the 8 core Intel with the Radeon 5600M as well as the new 13’’ 8 core M1. Personally I think the M1 version is great with Rhino 7 and find I gravitate to it over the Intel based model… it’s just snappier I guess. The advantage I see with the iMacs currently is the option for more than 16GB of RAM and if you wanted to use the ProRender plugin for GPU accelerated rendering which would require the Radeon card. Depending on what types of models you make the M1 may work well for you but both meet the system requirements. Rhino - System Requirements