iMac Graphics Card help (Radeon R9)

I want to get a new iMac and the best graphics card I can get is the AMD Radeon R9 M395X with 4GB video memory. Has anyone tried Rhino with this and had success? Also wondering if you would run rhino with the mac version or run bootcamp and run with a window OS?

Thanks in advance

That machine will run Mac Rhino just fine.
It will not be a good choice for Windows Rhino on a Bootcamp partition because of the Radeon graphics adapter.
If you want to run Windows Rhino, get an affordable Windows machine with a GeForce adapter.

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Mike. I wouldn’t concern yourself with the power if the M395X. I have a MacPro 6,1 with the (non-upgradable) D300. Rhino for Mac is workable. It’s not fast or even desirable because the D300 is a pitiful card. Now, had I known the video would have been poor, I would have bought one of the last remaining 5,1 MacPo machines that came with Radeon HD 5770. The card was a decent card, but I used a Radeon 660Ti which smoked the stock D300 of my new MacPro (go figure). The 660Ti was unstoppable and could handle anything I threw at it.

Now, my new MacPro has the D300, and according to many sources it’s comparable to the W7000 article. Performance specs on the W7000 can be found here: W7000 (4137)

The performance specs for the M395X are here:
M395X (5746)

However, I should note that the W7000 had twice the VRAM as in the MacPro. Bottom line, the graphic power that comes with the iMac you’re looking at will more than do.