Will MS Surface Pro 6 with Rhino V5 or higher?

Hi folks,
I’m considering the purchase of a Surface Pro 6 with Windows 10, and Intel Core i5, 128 GB SSD and 8MB of RAM.
Can someone please advise as to whether this will be sufficient to run Rhino V5 or higher without significant problems?

Thanks for the help,
Michael D

Hi Michael - 8 GB (I presume you mean) seems a bit sparse to me… is there a 16 GB version?


I use a Surface Pro 6 with Windows 10 and an Intel i7 processor and have been happy with it. It may not have the hottest GPU in it, but it does perform well and the size/weight is really nice.

Yup on both. Can I assume from your note that 16 GB would be sufficient to the task?


Hi Michael - well, it does depend on the task of course, but Windows 10 is huge all by itself. Rhino should work on 8GB but I don’t know if you’d be leaving yourself with much headroom, is all.


Thanks Pascal,
I was just talking to Steve Baer as well. I’m wrestling with whether the i5 will be sufficient or if I really need the i7. It adds another $1000 to the budget.


Has anyone run a CPU test with Rhino on the i5?

Do a search for Holomark on this forum.