Wide angle view distortion wanted

In any drawing in a Perspective view, tap shift and ‘page down’ a few times. Soon things become very unrealistically streatched looking IMHO.

This does not happen in real photography.

In real photgraphy once you get less than 18mm, things start to look a bit curved, espeically around the edges. (unless you post process it to remove the distortion)

Is there any chance we could get a “Fish Eye” slider in the “Viewport Properties” to emulate the lower mm lense look realistically?

v6? :slight_smile:

In real photography fish-eye distortion, though used in some aesthetic ways, is considered a flaw of real world lenses. Manufacturers try hard to reduce distortion. An ideal pinpoint aperture doesn’t produce any distortion. That’s what a mathematical perspective looks like.

Realistically, distortion in real world lenses is always there, but noticeable to various degrees. So if you wanted to have “realistic” perspectives, the lines would always be distorted.

If you need it for aesthetic purposes, you can easily use a lens distortion effect in photoshop or whatever software you like.

Point taken. :slight_smile: I’ll stick to photoshop for these things.

nates, I use the Lens Length and the “Lens function” in ViewPort Object Properties for similar renders but has no effect on live viewports ( uncheck “Use view lens” )