Setting a camera to simulate human vision

I am creating a series of objects whose placement is dependent on the viewers point of view. Using the ortho view is not true to life. I know very little about the camera tool. Is there a way to set up a camera so that I can position it as if it were the eyes of a person? Then basically see what one would be seeing in real life from that vantage point.

“Perspective” is as close as Rhino gets. Other than that, you can use photoshop to ‘fisheye’ things a little bit.

F6 turns on the ‘camera’ object so you can move it about in the other views. This may help in positioning it.

is there a way to determine what distance the object is from the camera in Perspective view port, so I could estimate what distance a person would be to recreate the displayed view.

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  1. Click inside the perspective viewport.
  2. Press F6.

Do you see the camera in the other viewports now? There are at least two ways to obtain the distance between the camera and an object:

  • Method One:
    1. Type DimAligned.
    2. Press Enter.
    3. Click once on the camera tip (pointy end of the camera object)
    4. Click once on your object.
    5. The dimension you created will show the distance between the two points.
  • Method Two
    1. Type distance.
    2. Press Enter.
    3. Click once on the camera tip (pointy end of the camera object)
    4. Click once on your object.
    5. The command area will read something like Distance = 302.90 inches.
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Two good articles comparing how the eye sees to cameras are:


Important setting:
On a 35mm full frame camera, a 43mm lens provides an angle of view of 55 degrees, so that focal length provides exactly the same angle of view that we humans have. (

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Thanks Micha,

I will play with that. Appreciate the help.

Thanks for sharing the articles, It helps understand whats going on.

Thanks Nate,

That seemed to do it.

There is one other option that may also help.
Rhino 5 added a Two-point perspective as a projection option in Viewport Properties.

Use the Viewport menu or right click and pick Properties over the viewport title.
Set the projection to Two-point perspective.
This means that the z-direction will not converge to a vanishing point.

Mary Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

Super easy

  • set view to perspective
  • use the (dollyzoom) command just a little bit, and boom.

this will give you any view ranging from ortho, to fish eye lense.
play with it a little to get the right angle, you can get some pretty dynamic shots with it.:+1: