Why we always lose something in Rhino final releases?

Reading this post about how Mac users are experiencing some problems with the last release of that Rhino version, I’ve remembered some awkward feelings about Rhino final releases along time (I don’t now if the released Mac version is final or not, but it brought back that thoughts).

It’s clear that every new Rhino release (even the SR packages) bring us exciting new tools, but I’ve never seen a discussion about what those Rhino final releases leaved in the development process.

I remember how slow became RH4 after his final release date. I remember using the Beta with no issues and with very good framerate, and when the final version was released, everything slowed down a lot…:frowning: My PC died some months later and with the new one everything was fast again, but I cannot forget how that final release spoilt the overall rhino performance. I reported it, but no solution came from that report.

With Rh5 I hadn’t the same issues. But another annoying thing happened. Why that amazing new logo design (the one with the Rhino eye) was dropped? It was refreshing, simpler, stylised, easier to compose with,… :frowning:

It seams that beta versions will always leave behind some good sensations when the final release replace them. What Rh06 final release will bring us?..or must I say “take from us”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think mainly because nobody really liked it… IIRC, there was a long discussion about this on the old newsgroup…

Oh, and people do seem to like the current Mac program icon…


Nobody? All the people that I have direct relation with and use Rhino agreed about how bad was going back in that decision, but it turns nowadays into an even worst one, when simplification and minimal design is always related when talking about graphic design related to UI.

But, this post doesn’t want to bring that discussion back but try to guess or talk about what things people think that could be laid down in the development process of RH06.

Well, maybe we need to look up the old discussion… I can’t seem to connect to the old web group, so maybe it’s already gone…

My impression was the logo didn’t go down very well, and mostly people thought it was too abstract. Maybe my memory is faulty though.

Those were the main reasons, yes. And that is because I don’t understand it. Talking about icons, abstraction is not a bad thing (but the opposite I think). Look at your desktop and tell me what good looking icon has the same number of curves and elements than Rhino logo. And we haven’t talked about downscaling the logo (guess what happen to that red eye), or problems related to proportions and general composition that it has (the main elements barely fit in the actual squared icon).

But I have to say that I don’t want to talk about those past losses and create a polemic thread, I’m more interested in the near future or other losses that you have detected in previous releases.

And talking about what we could lose: I’ve lot of hope in the new SUBD modelling system, but it looks a little bit behind the main app development. I hope that being in a hurry to release RH6 doesn’t leave it behind :frowning:

As far as I understand, even if features (such as subd) don’t make it into the release version of 6, the WIP will always be available alongside the release version (like it already is for the Mac). Therefore you should continue to have access to to those features, even if not deemed “ready for release”.


Well…that will be true if the WIP doesn’t expire (I don’t know if it expires or not because I’m updating it everytime there is a new release).

This is what Serengeti is for. The WIP releases have stuff that might not ever make it to a final release. For example, Rhino for Mac WIP has Paneling Tools, the release does not. This mainly has to do with needing to test things properly and getting feedback from users. Some WIP features are really new directions for Rhino, and might take several versions to get correct. As a user with a valid license, you will always have access to the latest, bleeding edge features.

You are right, they do expire, but there is a new release roughly every two weeks.

Yeah! but he was suggesting to use them if the final release doesn’t implement these tools or have any drawbacks compared to the WIP…so, that is not a choice.

I guess the point is that if the tool is in the final release, McNeel stands behind the functionality and will work to ensure it works as you expect it to. If it is in a WIP, it is under development, the functionality might change over time. The fact that we have access to tools which are under development is pretty cool, but for production, we should not count on them.

Totally true. And the other side of that is my last BUG report, in which RH6 is saving my ass letting me print while RH5 is reluctant to.

What I was trying to say was not a real complain but some kind of sad statement about things that could have been part of Rhino (or were in the development process) and now aren’t. Perhaps we could rescue some of them for RH6 :stuck_out_tongue:

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