Is Rhino 6 completed version out now

I found Rhino 6 download link in its commercial web site,
Is it a completed version?


Work-in-progress = not-finished-yet.

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Hi Alex,

Mitch (Helvetosaur) refers to a feature complete release candidate that is out for final bug tracking before Rhino 6 will be released.

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I do not understand how they will soon release the version of Rhino 6 with the presence of hundreds and hundreds of bugs!
Ok, there will be service releases later, but the bugs are so many!
Many features are not even finished, like the mesh2 …

Who will update or buy Rhino 6 will want a product that works better than the previous version, and not the same or worse in some aspects, otherwise we are in a state of ‘regression’.
I hope that the development of Rhino 7 is better organized and does not neglect the development of surfaces and their editing.


Mesh2 will not ship with Rhino 6. We have said that many, many times.


Some things never change. Fillets fail and the help file is not finished.

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After more than five years of continuous development (too many), is there anything that can be defined as complete in all its parts?
Rhino 6 seems a temporary version, full of undefined and incomplete tools, in my opinion.
Many features will be provided in Rhino 7, including SubD. So why should you buy Rhino 6? What are the advantages compared to Rhino 5? (not many, I would say).


I hope nothing ever will be complete in all its parts… Some people refer to it as a progress, evolution etc. There is always room for improvement and if someone think otherwise that’s too bad.
I’ve been using wip on a daily basis as a main version for the last 2 years. I can not praise enough what team Mcneel achieved with this version. If you don’t know why you should buy Rhino 6 you probably shouldn’t.


Never said that Rhino is a bad or poorly performing software; the developers, if they want, are able to amaze …
I think Rhino has a lot of unresolved problems …
Rhino is a great software ultimately …

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The ability to work with a shaded 1.6Gb model, and whip it around like it’s a simple box is worth the upgrade. Anything else new is just icing on the cake.



Dan you are completely right

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Please note, performance improvements can never be considered complete :wink: There are still plenty of areas where we can try to tune up the speed of Rhino.

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McNeel developers continue to develop the amazing software we all use and love (well most of us anyway…) So for me the decision to upgrade my license is not just an evaluation of the new features. Why gripe over a few hundred dollars to support this effort? It’s been a long time since we’ve been asked to pay at all for any new developments and even now you can choose if want to take advantage of 6 or just continue with 5.


For me , I want to take and use both V5 and V6 . V5 for the plugins ( shape modeling,T-splines) and V6 to have the updated tools or features that they have been deveolping over the past few years. I hope it has been worked out as to how both versions can be used on the same computer. whether it be only running one at a time , or another method.
I have an intersest in asking what the most demanding things that will try to be accomplished for V7. I come here enough to follow along in those conversations. I can’t wait to see whats coming!
— Mark