Why to objects randomly switch materials in Rhino 6?

Why to some random objects occasionally switch their material assignment in Mac Rhino 6? is there an explanation or a way to lock the material assignment?

How are you assigning your materials? Materials can be assigned by object or by layer. Do you have any blocks in your model, those can get a bit tricky.

When objects “switch” their materials, what does it show in the Material Properties panel? Does it display the name of the material you originally assigned or the material that you now see? Screenshots and a model would be helpful.

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I am using all methods you list in different areas of the model…. Model was started in Rhino 5 for Mac, if that matters.

Doesn’t seem to arise with material assigned by layer. Groups and custom (object) seem to be the problem areas. But, I could be wrong. Does not happen enough for me to figure out a pattern.

I have a couple groups, but generally don’t use them anymore… But, there are random switches in those occasionally, such as one or two balusters in a balustrade assembly will get switched to gravel from painted white.

When it randomly changes a material, the name in the material panel changes to what it switches to. For example, there are 5 granite steps. One will get changed to bronze when I open the file next time and the material for that object says bronze.

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Can you post a 3dm file with the balusters and the two materials? Or email tech@McNeel.com with it along with a description of the issue. If we can reproduce it we can generally fix it.