Material assignment bug

  1. Enter render display port mode on the perspective view.
  2. Create three boxes, each on a separate layer.
  3. Assign material colors to each by clicking on the material icon on the layer pallet.
  4. Go back to the first cube material color and start cycling through different material colors…Eventually they all become the same material.


Thanks for the report, so far I’m unable to reproduce this. Can you explain more about the last step? I tried changing the color for the first layer material but this doesn’t affect the other layers/cubes. If you can post a 3dm file and explain the steps to take after opening, that may help reproduce it for a bug report.

Also, what version of Rhino for Mac are you running (Rhinoceros drop down menu>About Rhinoceros)?

Hi Brain,

I appreciate you taking the time.

I recorded a video of how to reproduce the bug hopefully it will explain it better than uploading a file, but if you still need that let me know.

Rhinoceros version: 5.3.2 (5D197)

Thank you! The video was great to see. I was not clicking rapidly enough when changing the colors.
I filed it as

Note: Actually you don’t even have to change it rapidly. I just did that to replicate the bug quickly. it will happen eventually after a number of material color changes.