Why this surface cant be shrinktrimmedsrf?


that I cant smash it properly I want,
because that hole in the surface is still not at right position after I smash it
thankscant shrink.3dm (1.4 MB)


The surface is already shrunk.

what are you wanting to do exactly? and why do you think shrinking the surface will allow it to happen?


hmmm , I think, after shrink when I f10 , the control point at the hole surface wont have control point

when I smash the surface , I got its planar surface doesnt have properly position at the surface

I want the hole is at the center position of surface
thanks Jeff_Hammond :slight_smile:


i don’t think this object is going to Smash as one surface very well… you might have better luck using _Squish

a quick go at it gives this:

…you might be able to get better results using different settings in the command but i’m not too confident about that…


wow there is a _squish usefull command I can get ^^
thanks jeff,
btw what is diff with ? smash and squish
hmmm thanks

Squish on menu and icon

Squish is a normal rhino command. you already have it.
i think it’s pretty much just a more evolved version of Smash.


yes its really evolved :slight_smile: thanks Jeff Hammond :slight_smile:


Hi Gents

I don’t use these two commands at all, but I played with area analyzing tool in a few scenarios and picture shows my results.

Further more, I gave a 0.5 mm thickness to the study file (offset surface .25 both sides, solid) and the resulting volumes of the two pieces are way off. I believe, theoretically, the two numbers should be the same.

Care to comment?

(Pascal Golay) #9

Hi Costel - these surfaces are not developable - in order to obtain a flat pattern a lot of stretching and/or compressing needs to happen, resulting in very different surface areas. The commands can not accurately flatten such heavily curved surfaces - Smash does not even try to be accurate and Squish may do its best but it is not designed to flatten surfaces that have more than slight double curvature.





Hi Pascal

Thank you for your very fast response (literally seconds from my posting).

Squish is one command that definitely took a lot of programing. While selecting the 3D shape there are 320 combinations that can be made. Even if we take out Outside (Up/Down) and Decorate (Yes/No) we are still left with 80 combinations that can influence the flattened geometry.

Custom A/B/C are on themselves are theoretically infinite and yet this command can only do its best?

I am very curious then what are the applications this command is used for in real life, other than a shoe last that is.

By the way, I had to google what a shoe last was and I found this picture. Can you Squish this?:wink: