Smash failed

Hi All,

Does anybody here have any idea why do I got the following message “There was an error smashing that surface” when I try to use “smash” on that surface?


Hi Tatiane - what is it that you’re trying to get from Smash here? What’s the goal? it’s conceivable that if you split the surface into quarters (in Top) and Shrink the result, smash may not fail, but it is unlikely to give a result that is of much use… depending on what the goal is.


Hi Pascal, thank you for your reply.
I’m going to apply a drawing on it. It’s easier when you ‘flatten’ the surface, isn’t?


Hi Tatiane - try this:

  1. make a copy of your surface and hide it or put on an off layer.

  2. ExtractIsocurve, Direction = Both and click twice on the surface to frame the area where you want the curves to appear.

  3. Split the surface with the extracted curves. You can also just do this in one step using Split >Isocurve.

  4. Delete all but the ‘target’ piece.

  5. ShrinkTrimmedSrf.

  6. UnrollSrfUVN,

Does that get you the surface you need? I assume you are making a base surface for FlowAlongSrf, maybe?


Yes Pascal, I’ll use flow along surface afterwards. I couldn’t find the command ‘UnrollSrfUVN’ (I’m using Rhino 5), but I tried UnrollSrf and didn’t work. OR I don’t know how to use it, which is more likely to happen.
When I used split, I deleted the curves created by Extract isocurve. Then, ShrinkTrimmedSrf on the surface in pieces and finally, _UnrollSrf. But only appeared a few numbers inside circles and nothing more. When using ‘smash’, those numbers appear, but also the flat surface… :frowning:

Hi Tatiane- Sorry! it’s UnrollSrfUV, no N. Can you please post, or send me by private message, the target surface and the curves to be flowed?