Why some texts are rasterized when others are not

Annontations defined on layout are vector but annotations within detail views are rasterized in PDF.
This is pretty strange.

Hi Ivan -

Not really :upside_down_face:
Only viewports that are in wireframe mode result in vector output in the PDF files.
The layout is (should be) in wireframe mode but the details can be (and are, in your case) in a shaded display mode.

That’s one of the reasons why annotating on the layouts is the recommended workflow.

i setobjectdisplaymode to wireframe for annotations within detail view which is shaded though. how about that?

i would expect in vector everything which can be vector (annotations, curves) unless specified otherwise in output type

i use that workflow when its convenient, sometimes it is impossible since dimensions dont work for perspective in layouts which is a pity.

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How about working the other way? Viewport in wireframe and any surface objects in set object display mode - shaded…? (haven’t tried this myself)

i ll give it a try

It won’t work. If a detail is determined to need shading of any sort to draw, then it will be raster.

Draw a sphere and make it shaded and then have some text that passes through the sphere so it is partially occluded. This occlusion is done as a raster operation

Hi Ivan -

If you really need to do this, you could explode a (copy of a) dimension into curves and use ChangeSpace to place these on the layout.

Oh well, I had a feeling that might be the case, but I just threw it out there…