Why not to have just a single srf tool?

I haven’t idea on how much it’s simple, but, from a user point of view, could be great to have just a single button to create all different kind of srf ( loft, sweep1 and 2, 4 sides, network)
In creo, for example, you have only sweep1 and boundary. With the boundary you can solve both loft, sweep2 and network like srfs. Of course you have extrusion and revolve also.

Do you think this would be possible?

Hi Riccardo - so the software decides what to make according to the input, is that correct? I can see how that might be an advantage for users in cases - maybe many cases - where they are not so interested in or knowledgeable about surface structure.


Yes Pascal.
I imagine something that can work in this way:

  1. selecting the sections (2 at least)
  2. you get the preview of a loft
  3. if it’s enough, enter and done
  4. otherwise select the first rail
    5)if the rail doesn’t touch nine of the end corner of the first/last section you get a sweep1
  5. if you select another rail you get the sweep2
  6. if you select other rails you get the network.

Maybe this is not so complex and we can try a wip version?
Maybe expert user can, still, use specific tool directly like today.

Thought? Tnks

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I think I like this concept. One command selection takes you to a “build surface” command which contains all the surface tools on it’s dialog, with the initial tool selection based on the preselected objects. If the tool recognizes issues within the group of selected objects that would cause problems for the selected construction method, it would highlight them (with a red circle, say) and a tooltip that says what’s wrong. Perhaps some arrangement could be included so that the user could, within the command, fix the issues and proceed. At least the most common issues. Or the user could try another tool. All with live preview, of course, so the user could fool around interactively until he/she gets what he wants and accepts it.

Just daydreaming.

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This would definitely save some space in the toolbar +1

Ciao Ricc !

Hmmmm … looks like it might be scriptable.
Maybe just a simple test script …
Wouldn’t you like to try to write that ? :smiley:

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Thanks Emilio, yes this is my idea…
but 60 exams to check from my student already have saturated all my free time in Xmas holiday :smile:
I’m writing here hoping @pascal could do this at my place :blush:

Hehe … good point.
Let’s hope someone will like the idea and find the time to try before 2015 :smiley:

No promises … but if holidays will be long enough and the ‘half-flu’ that bothers me will end, I might give it a try.
By the way, I don’t use often these commands, sometimes Sweep 1 or 2 and a custom button to use Loft for a ruled surf.
But I like the idea of putting together more tools, when possible (what else is the Gumball ?), so I like experimenting with that.

Ciao !

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Yeah, thanks, I quite like this idea, myself - I can imagine some complications that might arise, but it certainly seems worth thinking about.


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