New Surface tools wish

When working with surfaces it can be great to use points as inputs in combination with history,
so I have some wishes:

  • A boundry patch that is a hybrid between Patch and EdgeSrf where we get control over the edges.

  • Sweep2 that accepts points

  • A “history tree” within the tools where we can add and remove inputcurves and change their order.
    SolidWorks has a version of this and it is great for designing.

  • And the ability to edit this down the road (That would be an history UI)

I envision this to evolve into a UI/surfacetool where we can change from Loft to Sweep1 to Sweep2 to EdgeSrf to NetworSrf too, while the dialog is open and previews are showing…

Ask if it doesn’t make sense, and I’ll photoshop how I imagine it.


I like that.