Feature Request: Sweep Smoothing --- Sweep v. Loft (and NetworkSrf)

I have posted a number of examples of this, but one of the features of Sweep (1 & 2) is the frequent appearance of accordion pleats.

In this illustration I have a three sets of circles at the top. In the middle I have a LOFT using the lower set of circles. At the bottom I have a SWEEP1 using a rail running through the center of each of the circles and the same circles and point used for the center surface.

SWEEP (1&2) would be much more useful if they did not have the tendency to create such accordion pleats.

Hello- - the various commands do different things to generate the surfaces - changing them - even assuming that is do-able - might come back to bite you in a different context. - in this example, I’d say you have many more cross sections than is useful in Sweep1.