Why might a PDF be importing with a tripel image of a line drawing

I am importing a one page PDF that has several line drawing of some objects on it. The PDF imports fine except that the drawings are all in triplicate and slightly shifted over one another.

Tried different options in the import dislodge box, Any one have any ideas on whats hppening here?


Any chance of attaching the PDF here?

Thanks for the reply wim, I found the problem.
I first extraxted one page of the pdf using googel chrome , and downloaded it and instead of printing used the option to save as a file, This produced the weird tripel line affect in rhino.

I then opened that one page in adobe reader then printed it, using the print to microsoft pdf option .
that file opened corectly in rhino. So iguess I should have used that initiall fro adobe reader. instead of using chrome.