Importing PDFs

Hey anyone know why some PDFs inport easily into Rhino5 and others will not at all?
Is there a way of saving as the PDF to better enable an import into Rhino?

PDF files can contain both raster and vector data. Only vector data can be imported into Rhino and made into Rhino curve objects.
For V6 we are investigating making it possible to use PDF files for PictureFrame surface images but that has not been decided yet.

Adrian, I used to run into this all the time up to about a year or so ago. It was not a raster issue as John mentions. It had something to do with pdf version. No idea what I did to solve it back then. I think the newer builds of rhino5 solved the issue for me, I literally haven’t had a pdf I couldn’t import in the past year. I’m surprised your having an issue actually. Maybe share the pdf with us here and see if we can repeat the issue? I’m curious to see what version of pdf it is…

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