Why is the boolean union not possible?

I have been trying to perform a boolean union on my object, but wasn´t succsessful.
What am I missing? I know this is a common problem, but I can´t find the issue here.
Thanks for any help.


HE Ring Holländer 3.3dm (935.2 KB)

There are a couple of problems. All of your polysurfaces are not closed.
Run SelOpenPolySrf and it will highlight.
You’ll need to replace some of those surfaces to make it a solid.
On the right side, the rib coming out of the middle of the “E”, I’m getting a warning about a nonmanifold edge. I suspect this is because you have modeled some coplanar faces that are confusing Rhino’s surface intersector.

Here’s a FAQ document that will help you with all of these problems:

Also, I’d avoid making surfaces like this:

Instead make a PlanarSrf from the outline. Use ExtractSrf to remove these and then Cap to close with a planar face.

And, things are a little off here:

I’d clean up and make sure all coplanar faces are truly coplanar.


Okay, I guess I have to learn how to create a proper solid first.
I thought, I could just join any polysurface as long as they are attached.
Maibe I get better results if I use more of the snap functions while I build up the solids.
Thanks for your help, I will keep working on my skills.