Why is polyline(curve) locked when its control points are ON?


I really see no reason to block the whole polyline/curve when adjusting its control points. I guess this kind of editing lines/curves abridges freedom of action. Do you agree?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Vlad- with no command running, turning on control points stops selection of any top level object in Rhino.


(Willem Derks) #3


It might not be a bad idea to have Shift+Ctrl sub-select (super-select) objects that have (solid) points on.


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Willem- yeah… I’ve been mulling whether to make some such suggestion. A kind of reverse sub-object selection that only gets the top level object. I am not sure what the details might be- presumably all sub-objects for the top level object would be deselected, I do not see any utility except for the various types of points-on situations- I guess it could not hurt except by using up a rare free key combo that might be better used elsewhere. Pondering…



Hi Pascal!
Here is an example: I often need to move somewhere a line/curve with NOT SELECTED control points which are already turned ON. So first I have to OFF control points, then move line/curve and then turn them ON again. Wouldn’t it be simplier to click on any free of points segment of the curve/line with control points ON and just to move it wherever I want to in virtual 3D space? I think that would be good for any other kind of rhino`s objects…
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(Willem Derks) #6

Hi Pascal,

I think if we let go of the Sub in Sub-Object Selection, replace it by Alternative or Alt or anything indicating a type of selection not in the primary “layer” of select-ability, it might not be much of an issue to add control/solid point objects with Shift+Ctrl.

For me Shift+Ctrl is a natural grip to select non-selectable (sub)-Objects any new combo just for this would IMO be a waste of shortcuts.

my 2c