Why is my new eval license saying it's invalid? READ THIS-

Our policy, since about v5, has always been one 90 day eval license per person.

We have recently begun enforcing that policy, and as such folks who have repeatedly added eval licenses by using a 2nd, 3rd, (or15th in several cases) new email address to get multiple evals will no longer be allowed to do so.

The intent of our eval is to allow you ample time to see if rhino is useful for you and your work. If you are on your 5th (or 15th) eval, it’s clear the answer is "yes, rhino is useful to me. "

If that’s the case, it’s time to purchase.

If you have had an eval license and its expired, you will not be allowed to get a new one by working around the system.

Rhino is not, nor ever has been “free”. We offer a very significant discount for students with no commercial restrictions, (you can use your edu license for paying work). We do not have any subscription fees or support charges, and you are never penalized for skipping a version and updating later. You are also welcome to update any version to any version. Still running v1? you can update to v7 at the same price as a v6 license holder. Our RDK and SDK are free as is developer support should you wish to develop plugins for rhino.

We try very hard to balance very generous usage terms with the need to collect revenue and keep the company going strong into the future.

Hope this clarifies any eval issues that have occurred recently.

happy modeling-