Why is my final rendering so grainy despite the preview being fine?

Hi pros,

I do have a question regarding the final rendering as mine appear to be too fuzzy and grainy even tho the rendered view is fine. Please send help!!

Maybe your sample parameter is low?

This happens really often :frowning: but possibly? as the object is kinda near the originScreenshot 2020-04-26 at 6.29.50 PM|341x500

Hi @itemalay
What do you mean, when you say that the rendered view is fine? Do you mean the rendered viewport (which is pure OpenGL without raytraced shadows, reflections etc.) or are we talking the Raytraced viewport (which is the Cycles render, which is an entirely different render engine) or are you doing actual lo-res preview renders, using the Render command? And like @Petrol asked: What is your quality setting in the render dialog? Attached is a screen dump of the difference between draft and final quality and from your screen grab Iā€™m guessing that you have it set to Draft (oh, and the time difference between draft and final for this simple cube is 0:03 vs. 1:48!!!)

HTH, Jakob

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