I'm having Rendering issues

Can Anyone tell me why my viewport renders seem so blurry?
I’ve tried increasing the image size and the dpi and the render quality from draft to good but things still look grainy and blurry along the edges.

Hmm, not sure where the first image you post is blurry? Is this in the Raytraced viewport, or the result of using _Render ?

That is the rendered file. If it was just I viewport capture I’d be fine with it but this rendered for over an hour and I was expecting more. The whole thing just looks speckled to me.

You may want to try the denoisers to get smoother results in less time. You can find them using _PackageManager, search for denoiser. I personally like the Intel denoiser best, but you can also try the Nvidia denoiser if you have an Nvidia GPU, or the AMD denoiser if you have an AMD GPU.