Rhino 6: Rendered viewport too grainy

Hi experts,

I have a customer question: Rendered viewport is too grainy, how to reduce graininess?



Hi Michael - what is the lighting in the file, do you know? Is it just an environment?
@Michael_Meyer - looking at that post again, it looks to me like the grainy image is a full render (?). In the Rhino renderer, indeed surfaces that are more parallel to the light source get grainier - I would suggest Raytraced to the user.


Hi Pascal,

it is about the viewport rendered and not a rendering by cycles or the rhino render. He says a background improves the grainyness now a little bit. Hm?



Look at the image he provides, it is of a rendering of the view, so I think he is referring to the grainyness of the rendered result.

So maybe try to direct him to the quality setting for Rhino render?

But don’t use Rhino render… that is just painfully slow and a sad experience :frowning:
So rather direct him to the hidden RhinoRender NEXT render engine from the hidden pluginmanager tool (that I can’t remember the name for right now).

Using viewcapturetofile with “-” to override size and number of passes is NOT for everybody, it is not even for the top 10% of the users IMO. It is only for the nerdy dudes who already are used to programming and hacking on beta stuff. It works though, but you can bet on the fact that it won’t be intuitive to the customer so he/she will forget what and why stuff work as they do, and be call you close to deadlines, frustrated that Rhino doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Hi Holo and Pascal,

ups sorry, indeed he shows a grainy Rhino rendering, but talks about the viewport settings. Here is something mixing up.



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