Pixelated/Grainy Rhino

why is my rhino rendering coming out very pixelated and grainy? I tried to play around the rendering settings (dpi, resolution, quality) and taken out directional/rectangular lights but everytime it still comes out pixelated. I don’t have much expertise on rhino rendering so help would be very much appreciated. thank you!

also, i am using rhino 6 on a mac

i would suggest to look into your shadow settings in preferences display modes under rendered. you can set the shadows from grainy to sharper.

it made the edges a bit cleaner but overall, it still has the same grainy effect

and you tried all sliders? when i only push the first slider “video memory usage” and drag it to the right it already gets rid of the grain.

are you seeing these results in the viewport or in whatever you however export?

yeah I tried all the sliders. I see the results after I render preview

I’ve added a defect report:

I got these comments from the developers:
She’s using “RenderPreview”
That’s the old RhinoRenderer with qualities turned waayyyyyyy down
This should probably be YT

Please look through the tutorials and Help resources to find the differences between “Render Mode”, “Raytraced Mode”, “Render Preview”, and “Renderer”
I’m guessing these similar names are causing confusion.


i had the same issue!
and i fixed just going to DISPLAY PANEL
and unmark the box “Flat Shading “.
then will come back to normal view.