Why is my file so big?!

@nathanletwory The problem is this is global… I don’t think there is any way to clear data from a particular plug-in (?) - that would be useful.

But also, it looks like Snapshot adds data to everything - is that correct?


Correct on all three accounts:

Saving with plug-in data unchecked is global. Plug-in -specific data purge would be very useful ( probably a good idea to log that). And taking a snapshot attaches data to all bits that are snapshotted.

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Hi Nathan - what I mean is, it looks like, anyway, all objects get snapshot data. For instance positions are restored for all objects that exist when a snapshot is taken, unlike NamedPosition… So the more objects the more file bloat regardless of whether one cares about the positions of most…


That is what I said (:

Hi @nathanletwory, @lars,

Reviving this subject as I am running into similar issues with Snapshots that makes the plugin really unusable.
I have a file where I saved 4 Snapshots with the only box checked was sun positions. I really missed the ability to save sun positions before so was excited to use Snapshots just for that, but the file grew from 37MB to 420MB !!! The file has lots of objects, including some imported CAD plans, so if the above it true Snapshots attached some plugin data to all of them, hence the bloat. Sorry, I can’t sacrifice file size and saving time just to get a few sun positions remembered…

Would you consider optimizing the plugin so it doesn’t attach data to objects unless particular snapshot actually requires per-object info save? I understand materials and positions, etc. need this, but Sun Positions, Camera, Background Color, Layer States and tons of other properties should not need that much space and bloat the file so much… Otherwise we need to stay away from using Snapshots completely :frowning:

If it would be helpful I can upload the sample files for comparison, but if your above diagnosis it is correct, the problem is known.

Thank you,


I can confirm.
Having file, let’s say, XMB in size each snapshot was increasing it’s volume with another 0.5X.
4 snapshots pumped up 200MB file to 600MB file.


What Nathan said earlier in this thread is correct:

The idea was to be able to edit a previous taken snapshot and enable/disable the different states a that time.

I just created a model with a bunch of lines and saved 4 snapshots. The file size exploded. Something seems to be very wrong. I will look into it and get back to you.

Hi @lars,

On paper it is a great idea and very ambitious one; I was not aware that Editing Snapshots means being able to access all the data I we have chosen NOT to save with the original Snapshot. Now I see why even with Sun positions only, the giant bloat happens.

It would be great to have the flexible Edit if this was not happening, but with this implemented as-is, given the user unlimited flexibility to edit snapshots and access data they didn’t initially save, makes this approach impossible to work with on larger files, which are pretty much 100% of our projects. I’d rather see ceding some responsibility to the user - if they want to save ALL info, check all boxes, and then restore selected as needed, but if saved only Sun, Camera, or other non-per-object-based data, Edit should not allow to go back on this decision making, and at the same time bloat the files beyond control…

Maybe adding a sticky checkbox at the bottom to Always store all data could leave both options on the table; for those who want unlimited editing at the cost of bloat, and the responsible ones ( :wink: ) who prefer lighter, faster files?

Something like that:

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for looking into it!



@Jarek I fixed a bug that caused some of the file size explosion. The fix will be in the next service release. I agree that in addition we will need something like the checkbox you mentioned. That however will most likely be added for Rhino 7.0. I added a bug entry: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-51718

Hi @lars, thanks - I will test the fix on the daily build and see if this works better for Sun-only and makes the file sizes manageable. Looking forward to more developments of this tool in V7 : )


There are more issues with snapshots (just discovered).

  1. when all snapshots are removed files keeps it’s enormous size
  2. when saved as V5 (which doesn’t support snapshots), file is as big as V6 with snapshots
  3. when V5 is opened in V6 is as slow as regular file with snapshots
    It takes minutes! to hide the content of the screen (MacBookPro here - one day old!)
  4. save small cuts only 10% of the file volume

As Snapshots is listed as a a plug-in, I might try using SaveAs and unchecking “Save plugin data” in the dialog. Only issue there is that this is not granular, it will kill all plug-in data, not just that from Snapshots.

I did it at last and, indeed, it cut the file size to it’s 40%. I had to sacrifice all render data ( :grimacing: again)

@Piotr thanks for reporting this. I found the problem. There was a bug that did not delete the data attached to objects when deleting a snapshot from the panel. The fix will be in the next service release. In the next service release you can delete all snapshot releated data by running: -_Snapshots _Delete _All _Enter.

Thanks for looking into it. Took me to much time yesterday to find the half-way solution.
Please keep developing it. It’s a nice feature and, as many suggested, would be lovely to do animation out of it - SketchUP does it so well.