Why is it so difficult to set scale?!?!

Pardon the caps but I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to set scale in rhino both my teacher and j were baffled. In layout space I want 3/16" = 1’. But I only have an inches to inches conversion??? Why??? I know I can change it in print mode. But I need to be able to change it in layout mode so that I can set each detail at a particular scale. Is there something I’m missing here???

Hmm - the units reflect the current model and layout units - modeling in Feet rather than inches would do it of course, you’d enter .1875 &1, so I guess as is, with everything in inches, you’ll need to enter .1875 & 12… (= 1 & 64)


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So much better than a cell phone photo!

Wow, is this the state of math education in America? Both teacher and student flummoxed by fractions? I weep. Give me the metric system any day! (This is not a flame, just a musing.)

One thing I noticed that may make this harder than it needs to be is that you cannot change the top number first if you want to change both - if you type in something other than 1 in the top changing to the next field updates both numbers so that the upper number can be 1 and keep the ratio to the existing second number. You need to enter the lower number first to keep control over the ratio. Kinda dumb…



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Exactly! it’s dumb!! It’s not that I don’t get it. i understand the math, I would assume anyone adept at these programs get the math. But there should be a option to write it like it’s seen on a plan. I’ve never seen a plan that says 1inches = .0625 inches. Change that or add an option to view at as 1/16 -1

I really do sympathise with you poor people in feet and inches land. I’d go out of my mind having to deal with that nonsense every day.
Over here in metric land, life is nice and easy.

Hah! And talking of different systems, the auto spell checker just tried to spell sympathise with a “z”


May add my sympathy for you then, having everything upside down all the time.

-Willem from the other hemisphere.