Why has my extrude/sweep flipped sides?


I’m having difficulty understanding why my extrusion/sweep (tried both ways to see if I could fix it), has flipped onto the other side of my curve. Further down the curve it flips back to below the line.

SAVE 1 [Oct-23 '23, 2317] Shot [Oct-25 '23, 2040].gh (204.4 KB)



some of the planes generated by with PFrame are oriented up, others down:

so when the curves are oriented on those planes, some go up, other go down:

and then when you sweep them, they follow their weird orientation:

you can solve that by aligning your planes with a constant vector, for instance Z:

and also changing a bit your original section-curve rectangle, in such a way it’s created midway around X axis instead:

SAVE 1 [Oct-23 '23, 2317] Shot [Oct-25 '23, 2040]_Re.gh (207.8 KB)

You’re an absolute legend. Thank you very much for the clear breakdown.