Sweep tool turn lines in grasshopper

Does anybody knows why does the sweep tool does this sometimes? the curves where created in the same way and and after making a sweep in grasshopper it turns some of them.
Is there any way to fix this in grasshopper?

It depends on how you positioned the section curves.
It’s impossible to tell what’s wrong only from a picture.
Please attach your code with internalized data.


Here is the gh file
sweep issue.gh (32.7 KB)

Perp plane component is creating planes that are rotated inconsistently (but still perpendicular to your curves…)
Do this to have consistency in planes rotation:
2023-03-05 23_07_02-Window


the result of doing that is interesting, but it still is somethin odd hapenning, it rotates the sweep progressively

Z axis. “Unit Z”.
You used something else.

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Yes, I find the error, I was using align planeS instead of align plane, thank you very very much