Orienting plane for sweeping ... and ... View?

Hi all,

I can’t figure out how to orient this plane correctly so that my curve sweeps as oriented in relation to the plane it’s on… seems to be upside-down and backwards.

How is this controlled?

Bonus question: is there a quick way to orient the VIEW to this plane so that swept items can be drawn “in place” ?


Posting the file is helpful.
check the axes, the frame is wrongly oriented.

orient_plane_sweep.gh (6.5 KB)

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Thanks Mark!

Actually, I thought about posting - do I just post both files?

[edit] fixed, thanks for the file. Out of curiosity, how is the default plane oriented?

the plane was oriented the same as in your example.

“the plane was oriented the same as in your example.”

If so, why do we need to use Flip Plane?

Or maybe I need to construct the base curve on the Z-X plane? I’ll experiment a bit more.

Also: interesting you used the Relay, I was going to ask if there was a way to route wires!

I meant the Perpendicular Frame was oriented the same way as in your example.
In this example the axes of that frame just had to be swapped.

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Gotcha, thanks Mark.

Funny - I don’t see this as swapping the X and Y axis directions (as the tooltip notes when hovered over “Swap Axes”) , but rather, it reverses the Z axis because:

I’m seeing it as that the Perp Frame is “mirroring” (no geometry pun intended) the orientation of the world axes, so that the default sweep is in the +Z direction.