Why doesn't Fillet work the same way as in Rhino?

I have this curve.

I want to fillet every corner by 2m.

I have x100 curves with x3 corners.

To fillet one Corner I have to make 2 clicks.

2x3x100 = 600

I don’t want to click 600 times for this.

This should work. Maybe I am asking too much for the year 2021? Should I come back in 50 years when humanity has figured out how to tell computers to fillet a curve?

All jokes aside this is infuriating. This is basic stuff, and I know the fillet in GH has been crap for years now. What is it, 50 lines of code?

curve.gh (5.8 KB)


Can you show the segments of that curve? Or post a GH file with the curve internalised?

Here and edited OP. Thanks for taking a look.

curve.gh (5.8 KB)

Look at the segments of the curve. If you increase the radius from 1.0 you see that it stops working on that corner as soon as the fillet touches the endpoint of the segment. One way to fix this is by joining the segments between discontinuities and rebuilding those segments. You can rebuild this closed curve with three segments.

curve.gh (12.0 KB)

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Thanks Martin, after your suggestion of looking at segments/control points I also tried Fit Curve.

Thing is, it makes some curves work and some others not…

curve 02.gh (14.4 KB)

Here the big curve does not work after being fitted.

Mind all these two curves are 2 of a list of 100. Maybe I should dispatch the ones requiring fitting based on something?

This is all very time consuming for such a basic task…

Also, why does it work in Rhino with no need to rebuild curve?

Unfortunately I can’t explain why it works in Rhino.

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That’s okay.

I am afraid the big problem is fitting does not work for all curves… :frowning:

That has to do with how you rebuild.

Your curves need to be split at discontinuities first. Join the segments between discontinuities, then rebuild. It works with my definition posted above.

Oh you fitted before joining, that is my bad. Will see if this works for all. Thanks!

Then we have the ever existing problem of curves not being filleted because of the fillet Radius is too big… oh well, by hand it is. Will come back in 50 years.

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You give up quite quickly.

Yup I have to deliver this in an hour.


I might be missing something but can’t you just use the FilletCorners command to fillet all corners at once without using grasshopper?