[Help] - Fillet (curve) not working properly

Hi Guys,

This is my first post here, and I need some help:
I trying to fillet 2 curves (as image below), but the command is not working properly. This problem started today.

I used the Fillet command some times and each one came with a different result. I turned off Trim (Trim=No) to make easier to see what’s happening.

The curves aren’t joined and they’re coplanar (same Z).

My Rhino Version is:

Version 5 SR10 64-bit
(5.10.41201.11145, 12/1/2014)

I really appreciate any help.

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Can you post your file so we can see whats happening?

Hi Jordy,

here is the file

Your drawing is milliscule. Very small.

your objects is 0.1 by 0.3 mm

Try to scale them bigger and try again. Then there wont be any problem.

Sorry, but my drawing unit is meters and the objects are .15 x .25 m (15x25cm) or loosely 6in x 10in.

The fillet size is .01m (1cm)

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and your file tollerance is 0.01. Thats the same as your fillet size. Change your Absolute tolerance to 0.001 and try again :slight_smile:

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Oh man, you’re right! It’s solved my problem.

Should I rise my tolerance, like to 0.000001 or just keep 0.001? does it matter?

And Thanks for your help!

Hi Jorge - it does matter - There’s some info here - https://vimeo.com/85108857 If your overall object is going to be only .1 by .3 units, then you probably want .00001, but you might also think about changing units to cm or mm, at .001, depending on what you are doing.


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It does matter, yes. 0.0001 could work but beyond that you should change your units. You could use dm or cm. Just keep all dimensions and tolerances within ‘reasonable’ ranges.

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Hi guys!

It’s an architectural model, so I work in meters and some details are smaller than 1 meter. In my case, this was a beam profile, but the whole beam is much longer :slight_smile: .

Thanks for tyour answers and also for the video!

FWIW, I work with building-size objects and always work with mm units. Never ran into tolerance problems.

Good, I’m from Brazil and here most of people work in meters (for arch. models), though it’s not a standard. Some practices prefer cm or mm but are not very common.