Why does this boolean split fail?

I have two fairly simple shapes. The ‘pipe’ is my cutting tool - I am trying to cut a panel line into the larger piece. These are pretty simple shapes and as you can see I was able to cut part of the panel line out of the piece.

I have included three curves - the green curve represents the top of the piece I’m trying to cut, the black curve is the bottom and the magenta curve is the one used to make the pipe for cutting.

booleanfail.3dm (290.4 KB)

Hi Hugo - the problem is the seam in the pipe lies right on the intersection to the larger object - Rhino has a hard time making a clean curve of intersection in this situation. Try this:

  • ExtractSrf the pipe surface.
  • SrfSeam to move the seam away from the larger object.
  • Cap or rejoin to the end caps.
  • Boolean…


Not clear on WHY the seam would be an issue, but that did the trick. Thanks!