Boolean fail



in the attached, boolean fails (pipe-like object - plane).
Also _wirecut fails.

As far as I see the objects are ok…

(I know how to get a solution, just wanted to report this bug.)

CP_NoBool.3dm (48.2 KB)

Rhino 5 SR9 RC1 Available
(Brian James) #2

Thanks Charles, I filed the issue.

edit: the developer commented that since the intersection is not a closed curve BooleanDifference wouldn’t work. Were you looking for it to trim?

(Brian Gillespie) #3

@BrianJ I can’t find this on YouTrack - can you please post a link here? (I searched for but couldn’t find it).

(Brian James) #4

Here’s the YT link…

(Brian Gillespie) #5

Thanks. In the future when you add bugs based on a discourse conversation, please add a link on Discourse to the YT item, and add link in the YT item back to the Discourse thread. This makes it easier to understand where bugs come from.


Hi there, I haver a problem too. I would like to boolean diffrence (so cut the pipe) from that twisted ring but I cant. Do u have any solutions?

(Brian James) #7

I bet the issue is with the twisted ring self-intersecting. Please also post a new topic for any new questions if you can.