Why does Ruled Surface Component creates an "untrimed" surface?

Can someone clarify this to me? I thought untrimmed surfaces were 4 point surfaces. I can make a ruled surface between two polylines and it will still be untrimmed.

Ruled surfaces are unsplit in code. The polylines act as an edge. If you bake it though it will become a polysurface unless you turn off Rhino’s Crease Splitting. So in short a ruled surface is a surface with creases in that case, rather than a polysurface with edges.

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Aha, thanks Micheal. I find myself using ruled surfaces more and more because they are “untrimmed” and so evaluation and division of said surfaces is much easier.

Indeed, If interested I have Extrude, Loft, Sweep, Edge, and Revolve components in Pufferfish that will result in these unsplit type of surfaces as well as a Split Kinky Surface component to turn them into the expected Breps afterward (will turn those ruled surfaces into breps as well)

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