Why does Ruled Surface Component creates an "untrimed" surface?



Can someone clarify this to me? I thought untrimmed surfaces were 4 point surfaces. I can make a ruled surface between two polylines and it will still be untrimmed.

(Michael Pryor) #2

Ruled surfaces are unsplit in code. The polylines act as an edge. If you bake it though it will become a polysurface unless you turn off Rhino’s Crease Splitting. So in short a ruled surface is a surface with creases in that case, rather than a polysurface with edges.


Aha, thanks Micheal. I find myself using ruled surfaces more and more because they are “untrimmed” and so evaluation and division of said surfaces is much easier.

(Michael Pryor) #4

Indeed, If interested I have Extrude, Loft, Sweep, Edge, and Revolve components in Pufferfish that will result in these unsplit type of surfaces as well as a Split Kinky Surface component to turn them into the expected Breps afterward (will turn those ruled surfaces into breps as well)