Why does Rhino run so slow?

I wonder why Rhino runs so slow as soon as files contain a lot of objects and points. I say this because rhino can look like a slideshow (very laggy) when panning and moving the camera around in a file, but when I look at the task manager it is hardly drawing that much CPU usage or Memory usage. I have linked a screenshot of a file where Rhino was unusable and constantly crashing because of the stress from the file. But note that it is only using 6% CPU, less than 50% memory and no GPU. Why isn’t it drawing a lot more on my PC’s components to actually make the file usable? Can I do something to make rhino utilize my PC better? It is frustrating because I have a very capable PC with strong components.

Screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

PC’s specs:


AMD ryzen 7 1700x

Nvidia GTX 970


Btw, it would be better to post the relevant Rhino file.

Well without the file it’s hard to say, but that would seem to depend on the video card quite a bit, and a 970 is what would be considered bare-minimum spec for Rhino 7, though lots of people do run Rhino un far crappier laptop video.

What’s funny about nordvpn?

Nothing funny about nordvpn, I use it too.

I have a recent issue with clipping planes with a subd objects. Can you disable the clipping planes and let us know. This is a known issue with RH 7.7

Solution found: tested file on different GPU with more VRAM, file is no longer laggy.