Why does my view look higher than an human view although I've fixed the correct preferences?

I’m trying to fit a couple of views that will simulate an human view for architectural renders.
I put the next properties:

Camera height (=z unit): 1.6
Target height (z unit): 1.6
Lens length: 25 mm
Projection: Perspective

Somehow, the result seems way too high. I’ve already double checked the units of the model to make sure they are meters. I’ve also make sure the origin of the C-place is aligned to the floor plane. Both seems to be correct.
I’ve looked at some other discussions at this forum and couldn’t find the solution for my problem. I’m attaching a print- screen of the current view, showing as well the preferences and some indicative heights that hint there is some mistake with the height - it looks definitely higher than a normal human eye-height (~1.6 m).
I will appreciate it very much if someone could help me figure out what is the mistake. Thank you!

Hello Inbal_Tamir
The only thing that comes to mind is that your horizon line looks a little high. Try tilting the camera down a little so the floor rises up a bit more.

To check, insert a plane surface object in your file at 1.6 meters high above the floor, if you only see it edge-on in your perspective view (looks like a line), then you’re at the correct height. The camera/target values look OK for meters. 25mm is a wide-angle lens, expect some perspective exaggeration.


This is going to be highly subjective, but it looks correct to me. As Mitch said, 25mm is a bit wide, you might try in the 35-50mm range to see if that feels better. My one comment is that the camera / target locations given in the viewport properties window are always in world units, not CPlane, so even if you have a custom CPlane set up, that will not be reflected in viewport properties. I use the attached to set my camera heights when I need it off world CPlane:

Camera_Height_090609.zip (6.9 KB)

In film, we often move the camera lower (below average human eye height) so that a persons head will fill the top of frame rather be centered in frame leaving a lot of headroom. So, if it bugs you, I wouldn’t be afraid to lower your camera. I don’t think you want to pan your camera down, as that will cause your verticals to converge.


Great reply Sam! You da man when it comes to this sort of thing. Not only clearly explained what to do but you even give the reasoning behind it.

Thank you all! You helped me figured it out. I used the tips of each one of you and finally it looks better. Have a great day!