View of a room from within rather than looking at it as in a dolls house

I have created a 4 metre square room but wish my view in perspective window was as if I was in the room, so rotating the view sees a view as if I am turning my head in the room, panning round in other words.
When I apply the textures I then get to see the room in a realistic way.

At the moment I am looking into it from outside and above, as if its a dolls house with roof removed.

I have tried camera and target resite, placing the camera atop a 5ft 6 column created in room to represent me (eye height) and target also on that column, as view rotates around targte so that would have to be where the target is !
no success at all.

Try for Alter lens length, says click and drag, I do so and nothing happens.

Tried walkabout mode, gets me into room but view as if an infant, its all very closed in and tall , not like being in the room I have measured and created, and room is tilting, unable to get it to stay level as I pan around. Shaded areas and shadow far too dark.


Hi Steve-

You could also just turn on the camera for the perspective view (f6) and manipulate the points in the other views to get viewpoint and target where you want them. Then use RotateCamera to look around…


as a start, you can set your lens length to something real wide… basically, same thing you’d do if photographing an interior… use a super wide angle lens.


set the camera’s lens length to something like 8… or 12.
…then you can go inside the room.

To get the camera to the correct height, I use the attached script, which is nice when the floor of your model is not at z=0 (like second floor, or some other odd condition). Once the camera is at height, you can use Ctrl + Shift + Right mouse button to look around the room, or walkabout if you prefer that.

As for what lens to use, I think that is rather subjective, a lot of interior architecture is shot in the 16-35mm range on a full frame camera, so that might get you a perspective similar to what you are accustom to seeing.

Beyond that, getting it to look like not a dollhouse is detail, dressing, and dents :wink: (6.9 KB)