Why does Align command not work in sub-objects?

I want to align the top face of a cube to another. I press ctrl + shift to select the polysurface face, but align command does not work with these.

It does not work with control points either…

These kind of things in Rhino are driving me mad lately.

I need to run SetPt to align control points, but Align for everything else, even regular points.
Same with extrude. Why ExtrudeCrv and ExtrudeSrf? Make the command smarter.

What about giving the rhino a brain and make things smoother for the user?

I constantly run ExtrudeSrf and ExtrudeCrv, interchangeably. The autocomplete always f***s me up one way or the other. Typing and retyping commands when modeling for hours is really a pain.

And whats worst, I sometimes make complex selections of polysurfaces faces, mistakenly run ExtrudeCrv instead of ExtrudeSrf. Boom, entire selection lost. No way to recover it.

Hello - can you post an example where Align does not work on control points?
SelPrev should get your selection back in the incorrect extrusion case.

What would that mean, exactly? Keep in mind that combining commands that want different types of input makes selection more complicated.

My guess of the moment is that Align can probably be made to work on sub-objects. I’ll ask.
RH-65730 Align: accept sub-objects


That would be great Pascal, thanks.

Oh it does in V7, cool. Pretty sure it does not in V6. Haven’t upgraded yet.

I mean, just have one Extrude command, which can extrude meshes, curves and surfaces.

In GH I can extrude both surfaces and curves with the same component. The command should automatically detect the type of input.

Hell I should be able to select a mesh, a curve and a surface and extrude them both at the same time.

I imagine something along the lines of:

if input type mesh then
if curve then
if surface then
if point then

Not for sub-objects :sleepy: That’s a major shortcoming of SelPrev actually.

How is that? You can use SelectionFilter if you want a specific type of input, no?

Hi -

We have that issue on the list a few times - for the time being, I can only suggest to create a shortcut or button with the following macro and use that when you have spent some time carefully selecting subobjects:

-NamedSelections Save S1 Enter

If you then need to get that selection set back, run

-NamedSelections Select S1 Enter


Or even the command can have toggles such as (Mesh=Yes), (Surface=No), (Curves=Yes) like many commands do.

Real time-lapse photography:


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Hello - sure - Subobject selection gives a preview of how this can be - do you find you change the selection filter on the fly, as you go, or do you just answer the selection question every time? Either way, I say this counts as complicting the selection process for little or no gain.


Personally I use the selectionFilter quite often and I have it docked in the main rhino window. I change the filter mid-command as well. I don’t really get that argument though, it’s not like we have a separate MoveCurve, MoveSurface etc command?
What I do think is a valid argument is that the command line potentially has different options for different types of geometry.

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Hi Wim, as Pascal showed it seems to be working in the latest version. I don’t know if it always works or maybe I have been doing something wrong.

Hi, has there been any progress on aligning sub objects just as faces?

I wan to align these boxes faces to all the the left but no can’t do :frowning:

Align working here would be nice. In the meantime you can avive this in two other ways (in case you didn’t know):

  1. The _SetPt command, then input the axis direction and click your target location.

  2. Gumball Scale X handle: Click on it and input ‘0’, then they are all aligned and with Gumball move to place them all at your target location.


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