Adding Sub-Objects to Align Command

I know it might be a little late now that Rhino 7 is out there. I’m currently using Sub-Objects more and more to move Edges and Faces and it would be great to be able to use the _Align command on them, like using the Gumball Scaling=0 trick but in conjunction with a Move command (locked through a specific ortho vector like Align does). It would help to fix accidentally deformed objects caused by wrong direction settings on _MoveEdge and _MoveFace.

What do you think abut it?


Hi Gonzalo - For now, AlignGrips may help.

RH-61707 Align: SubObjects


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Is that a script? Not in my V7…

SetPt also works with subobjects.

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Oops - sorry! @gszechter Align, but on selected grips (control points). To used to my alias!
Thanks Mitch…


Thank you @pascal for adding the request , it’s really appreciated.

@Helvetosaur it didn’t came to my mind, I’m gonna try it, thanks!

If Align is added to Sub-Objects it will be a really fast tool to get to that specific result, specially if you have aliases for the different align options.

Hey, one last thing that would be cool to add to the Align option would be a =Copy function (Of course, not for Sub-Objects). I find myself using Align more than Move and Copy sometimes, because it’s easier to handle the accidental movements in X, Y and Z projection that may occur when using Object Snaps, even when having Project Snaps and Ortho options enabled.

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

have you tried with the TAB key to lock the direction of movement independently of the osnap used?

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Hey Diego, I did but sometimes the model is really full of stuff where the Object Snap steps into and as TAB key needs at least one reference to set the vector direction, it slows down the process because you need to search for an empty space or for the proper edge. _Align locks that possibility in just one shot if you set well your aliases.