Why do points come on every time I click an isocurve ? And is there a way of turning this off ? Mac V6


I have started using V6 on a Mac and every time Iclick on a isocurve or surface the points automatically come on and I then have to turn them off. Any one know where/how I can do this ?



Hi Glenn - I’m not seeing that here on Rhino 6 on the Mac and as far as I know, there’s only a setting to automatically turn on points when curves are selected. Can you provide more information, a specific file, …? Perhaps best to also run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the results here.

Hi Wim.

I just grabbed a quick vid of what I mean and also please find attached the system info.

I’ll grab another vid of it with surfaces today when I encounter it.




From your vid, it looks totally normal, the points are NOT turning on automatically for surfaces, only curves.

This is the default setting for V6, you can change it in Preferences>Mouse, find the setting “Turn on control points when selecting a curve, light or annotation” and deactivate it. Then you should have V5-like behavior.

If you do have an instance where you see points turning on automatically for surfaces or surface isocurves, by all means post another video.

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Perfect !

Thanks so much !