Rhino 6 Curve Points


It seems like it could be really useful to have the curve points turn on when a curve is selected. I think it would also be useful if they turned off when the curve was deselected. Is there a reason to have them stay on?

If they do stay on, as I work I’ll just turn on more and more points in my file until I hit escape enough times to turn them off. I suppose I could get used to that, but it seems like it doesn’t really have much benefit; it just adds steps.


Tools -> Options -> Mouse -> Turn on control points…

Thanks @dale,

I like that they turn on, I just then want them to turn off when I deselect.

So selecting a curve would turn on the control-points, and once the curve and all it’s control points have been deselected the points disappear again? And this auto-hide should not affect curves whose control points have been specifically switched on?