Why can I not enter @20'-0"<90 and only @20'<90?

Why can I not enter @20’-0"<90 and only @20’<90 ???

The dimensions are listed at the top in feet-inches but that does not work when I enter relative dimensions.

Any clue as to why it is inconsistent?

When entering inches, don’t use the hyphen.
The foot mark separates the feet from the inches.

Correct: @20’0"<90

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John, thanks. As a designer, I am a stickler for consistency in the interface. When I draw a line that is 20’0" and then analyze it, it reads β€œ20’-0” . So that’s why I thought I should type in " 20’-0" " rather than " 20’0" "

So I am confused because the dimension format is not consistent.

Can this be corrected? Can we have the flexibility to enter the dimensions both ways?

Thanks again!

If I remember correctly, no it can not be changed. The reason is the hyphen is needed to delineate fractions like 4-3/16".
We know it’s not the same and a bit confusing but that’s the reason as I recall.

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