Typing in length not working

I am having an issue where I type in a specific distance (for instance: 10’-1/4") and it comes up with unknown command. I can input 10, and it will draw a 10 foot line per my units, but it will throw the unknown command when I even add the “foot” symbol ( 10’ ).

Hi Christopher- is this new behavior? Did it work in the past?


What unit system is your V5 Windows Rhino file in?

Please try it again then bring up Command History to see the full command sequence and inputs. Post them in a reply.


Yeah, I am fairly certain I could do it in the past… otherwise, how else would I input a 10’ 1/4" line without having to type 10.0208333? Isn’t the correct syntax to type it like this: 10’-1/4"? with the dash separating the inches. I have tried it on another machine, where I can draw a line 10’2" but can not draw a line 10’1/4". But the machine I am on now will not even allow me to put the foot and inches symbol on the number.

My units are in Feet.

If you are in ‘whole’ feet, you don’t have to use the ’ symbol as you mentioned in your example. In fact, I sometimes stick with inches for this reason.

I just did a quick experiment for your example. Try 10’0.25" – it looks like you also need the leading zero for the inches AND the inch symbol. No hyphen inbetween.

So, on my other machine I can get a line that is what I need it to be by adding a “0” (10’0-1/4"). So that answers the first part of my question, but leaves open as to why the machine I am on now will not let me input the “foot” or “inch” symbol…

Yes I understand Rhino defaults to current “units” when you do not call out a specific unit in the command, but either way I have foot-inch dimensions that i would rather not calculate into decimal inches.

*The hyphen is for fractions (10’0-1/4"), which was one of the first things I learned… ha. But I should probably let my IT reinstall and hopefully get back my use of the ’ and "…