Funny Dimensions

A funny thing happens… except that it’s not quite funny.

Here are two lines I drew… when I draw in a linear dimension, it shows up as one line being 3/4 and the other 5/8… which is what i wanted:

but when I ask for ‘distance’ of each of the lines, both pop up as 3/4
Does anyone know why that happens?

your display precision is likely set to 1/4"

if you go File-> Settings-> Units
you can change the display precision… for example, i use inches as the unit and display in feet&inches at a precision of 1/16"… so any of my measurements will be shown to me rounded to the nearest 16th…

  • note- this is a File setting and not a global preference… or, if you change the settings here, they’ll only apply to that one document…
    you can get all of your File-> Settings to your liking then save that file as your template… that way, all new files you create will have these settings applied

this is how it’s set up… OK… I see… thank you:)

you should maybe switch to 1/16th.

also note-- dimensions have this setting as well… for consistency, you might want to make the dimensions share the same precision as the display setting.

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